Copyright-Protected DVD Movies Can Be Copied

Published: 27th March 2008
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Copying DVDs is not always an easy task. You can't just copy the DVD to an empty disk because there are many copyright protections that make this impossible. Even if you copy the files, the content will be damaged. For instance, you might have audio but the video of the original DVD will not be working. This is called copyright protection, right?

It might seem an easy job to copy a DVD but you can't do it without a program, which decrypts the DVD contents and reduces the size of the data. Manufacturers were forced to resort to such protections that do not allow to make a working copy because there were many people, who made millions of pirated copies.

There are several things you need to know before you start copying DVDs. First, copyright laws do not allow to make a profit from someone else's work. Second, the only case when you can legally copy a DVD is for personal use only.

Now when you know the legal aspects of copying a DVD, you can proceed with copying it. For this, you will need a DVD ripper. Until recently DVDShrink did the job but since it is not maintained anymore, there are many recent protections it is helpless with. All these new protections are the response of manufacturers to malicious people who make unauthorized copies.

However, copying a DVD for personal use is OK. Having in mind the prices of movies and games, the budget of many families does not allow to buy new copies, if the old one breaks.

But, when favorite games or movies are in danger of being played until they wear out, you should have the opportunity to make a backup. For example, RipitforMe is a newer tool to shrink playable copies to fit the information on the new DVD. However, even this program stopped development in April 2007. Before shrinking the DVD must be ripped with a program like DVD Fab Decrypter. Unfortunately, as protection programs build new safeguards, new ripper programs must also be authored. So, if one ripper does not work, maybe a newer version will.

You should make the backup copy when the DVD is new, not when it has already been scratched by frequent use. Sometimes you should make a backup for future use ' i.e. if you have kids and they have favorite movies, you can bet that they will be happy to watch the same movie over and over again, even when they grow up a little.

To summarize, it is possible and legal to make backup copies for personal use. All you need is a program, which can read the newest safeguards. After you make the copy, you can enjoy your favorite movies for a long time.

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